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PetLife in Haiti

Investing in a new Haiti

Empower and Educate Haitians to build a sustainable
community and write there own future


Quick Facts


52.7% female

Children 15 and under = roughly 1/3 of population

About 2/3 of population live in rural areas


Total population 60.7% literate

Life expectancy

63.8 years


The Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere

59% of the population lives on less then US$2 per day (World Bank 2012)

24.7% live in extreme poverty on less than US1$.25 per day. (UNDP 2013)

Poverty is mainly rural at 75.2% vs 40.8%in urban areas. (MDG rpt 2013)

Over two-thirds of the labor force do not have formal jobs. (CIA Factbook 2014)

Dominican Republic is on the SAME ISLAND as Haiti-

Hispaniola-same ocean, same beaches SAME ISLAND!
Yet, DR has GDP nearly 9X of Haiti


The Earthquake: January 12, 2010

Magnitude: 7.0

People dead:



Left homeless:


International Media:

"Haiti is Poor-Donate, Donate, Donate"


Humanitarian aid is necessary in short-term DISASTER, but it’s become a permanent model.Honorable intentions, devastating effects on local economies.

3/10/10: Clinton admits giving rice to poor countries was a mistake

“You just can’t take the food chain out of production. It also undermines a lot of the culture, the fabric of life, the sense of self-determination…We made this devil’s bargain on rice. And it wasn’t the right thing to do. We should have continued to work to help them be self-sufficient in agriculture.”*

Lost capacity to produce rice crop in Haiti

“Instead of sending us rice, we would like to export to them. Maybe they can ensure job creation instead of donating”**    
 -Poverty, Inc.
When the disaster is no longer a disaster, the assistance model must evolve and change.

Can a Country Develop on Aid?

VS. Trade, Innovation, Business...

NGOS in Haiti (Non-Governmental Organization)

  • More NGOs per capita than in any other nation in world – about 10,000
  • Aid projects often exclude:
  • Partnering with local businesses
  • Staffing local workers
  • Lack of accountability for how NGOs spend aid money → wasted $$$

Problem 1:

Orphans Aren't Always Orphans

80% of children in orphanages in Haiti are not true orphans- they have at least one living parent.

No money to feed children, no education, no safe place to live → relinquish child to orphanage as last resort.

Parents give up child to orphanage → child is drained of emotional ties of growing up with a parent.

System addressing orphans is actually creating orphans…

Problem 2:

"The Haitian Diaspora"

About 1 in 6

Haitians live abroad in search of better economic opportunities. Losing skilled workers.

Goal Must be:

Assist in the further development of Haiti →Those born in Haiti can STAY and build up their country.

Amanda Jeanty

Born: 05/02/2007

“Amanda was a begging girl in the street asking for money with her parents. Now she’s with us in the Mission Light Church of Life Orphanage.”

Etienne David

Born: 04/05/2006

“He lost his father and was found living in the street with his mom begging everywhere. Sometimes slept without eating anything. Someone explained to his mom about our mission and now he’s with us in the Mission Light Church of Life Orphanage.”

How PetLife Can Help

Our Model:

Partner with an existing orphanage in Haiti: Mission Light Church of Life

Grow a profitable business in a rural community in Haiti → boost local economy

Invest in a nonprofit foundation

  • BOTH will educate and employ local Haitians
  • Promotes true growth & empowerment
  • Building blocks for a well-run community
  • A place to educate the future leaders of Haiti



Scorpion Ranch

Implement a program for gathering and extracting venom from the Blue Scorpion

  • Venom extraction lab
  • Scorpion breeding grounds
  • Scorpions remain unharmed

Educate and employ native citizens of a rural community in Haiti. A to be decided percent of profits donated back to foundation to further stimulate the local economy.



PetLife’s Non-Profit Foundation

Same land as for-profit business, in process of being formed will be established fourth quarter of 2017

  • Church- 600m², accommodate 500+
  • School- 900m², more than 15 classrooms, lab, cafeteria, laboratory
  • Medical Clinic- 350m², accommodate 100+ patients, laboratory, maternity ward, consultation rooms, pharmacy
  • Auditorium- 600m², accommodate 500+
  • Dormitory- 1500m², individual rooms 15m², accommodate 50+ orphans
  • ***not a traditional orphanage- the dormitory will be a home to raise, educate, and care the future leaders of Haiti
  • Encourage, promote and help fund post secondary education
  • Assist parents with education and job production to avoid child relinquishment

TOTAL estimated cost: $900,000 USD

PetLife: Three Phase Strategy

Phase 1

Acquire & clear land

Implement Scorpion Collection Program and Infrastructure

  • Build Ranch
  • Build Lab
  • Build Courtyard/Parking/Garden
  • Build Administration office
  • Build Tank
  • Build Dormitory

Phase 2


  • Build Church
  • Build School

Phase 3


  • Build Medical Clinic
  • Build Auditorium

PetLife Creates a Launching Pad for Citizens of Haiti

Educate and empower native citizens

Abolish the poverty mindset, Create hope, and a domino effect of success

The rise out of poverty is well underway...

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